Rendezvous Beach

RENDEVOUZ BEACH ANGUILLA Previous Next Private Charter to Anguilla Rendezvous Beach On the eastern side of the beautiful island of Anguilla, looking back at St. Martin, lies the amazing soft sand Rendezvous Beach. It is the perfect place for that peaceful morning walk or for just lounging by the sea. Famous island reggae singer Bankie […]

Simpson Bay Lagoon

SIMPSON BAY LAGOON ST.MAARTEN Previous Next St.Maarten Charter Simpson Bay Lagoon simpson bay lagoon, st. maarten’s largest lagoon, is home to many of the world’s most amazing mega-yachts. watch these 100-300 ft. yachts and their more modest cousins pass under a drawbridge and squeak through a narrow gut that takes them to this secure and […]

Simpson Bay Bridge

SIMPSON BAY BRIDGE Previous Next St.Maarten Charter Simpson Bay Bridge A drawbridge, is not only a practical way to let ships enter the lagoon from the sea but provides a major source of entertainment as the “big” boats enter or leave st. martin. time your cocktail or meal at the st. maarten yacht club with […]

Simpson Bay

SIMPSON BAY BEACH ST.MAARTEN Previous Next St.Maarten Charter Simpson Bay “Eat on the french side and party on the dutch side” is the oft-repeated advice for visitors to st. martin.” simpson bay, in dutch st. maarten, with its casinos, dance clubs, and beaches can certainly provide the party but it can also offer some great […]

Mullet Bay

MULLET BAY ST.MAARTEN Previous Next St.Maarten Charter Mullet Bay Mullet Beach is a perfect place for swimmers and surfers and a preferred hangout for locals on the weekends. its long white sand beach is known for the regular roll of its waves making it a surfer’s delight. a gentle sloping access into the sea makes […]

Maho Beach

MAHO BAY ST.MAARTEN Previous Next St.Maarten Charter Maho Beach At the western end of the princess juliana airport, the island’s major airport, lies a small strip of white sand called maho beach. this is the normal landing approach for all commercial flights. watch that 747 zoom over your head while you lie on the beach […]


TINTAMARRE ISLAND Previous Next St.Martin Charter Tintamarre Feel like a “king or queen for the day” on beautiful tintamarre. after all, at one time this now deserted island had its own king, navy and airline. after arriving at baie blanche you can swim, snorkel, sunbathe or shuffle your sandy toes over to the island’s second […]

Creole Rock

CREOLE ROCK ST.MARTIN Previous Next St.Martin Charter Creole Rock this amazing little island just north of anse marcel offers some of the best snorkeling and diving on the island for both the novice and the expert. creole rock is part of the ecologically protected marine park. the park’s moorings are a great platform for exploring […]

Baie Rouge

BAY ROUGE, PLUM BAY (BAIE PRUNE) ST.MARTIN Previous Next St.Martin Charter Baie Rouge on the western corner of st. martin, lies pink sand bay rouge (giving it its name). it is a quiet and intimate beach with a spectacular view. it is the preferred view of many stunning villas. take a swim or walk down […]

Orient Bay

ORIENT BAY BEACH ST.MARTIN Previous Next St.Martin Charter Orient Bay This is the postcard picture you should never send your friends freezing their tushes off back home in the cold. spectacular! dramatic! restaurants and water sports galore! this two mile long white powder sand beach has it all. people-watching is a full time job on […]