Orient Bay Beach St.Martin

St.Martin Charter

Orient Bay

This is the postcard picture you should never send your friends freezing their tushes off back home in the cold. spectacular! dramatic! restaurants and water sports galore! this two mile long white powder sand beach has it all. people-watching is a full time job on this beautiful beach. overachievers may drift down to the nude section of the beach for an in-depth study. either way, you will go home with a smile.

What is included:

  • Prices include an open bar with alcohol free beverages, beer and Rum.
  • The boat is equipped with life wests for the security of our charter guests.
  • On board also snorkeling gear, noodles.


Our Tip

All charters start usually at 9:30am and end not before 4:30pm - 5:00pm. Certainly are other times also available on request. You can choose one of those Pick-up Marinas:


Trips are subjected to cancellations depending on the weather.
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